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        Join the nearly 10,000 commercial real estate brokers who rely on Apto to manage their client relationships, properties, listings, and deals.

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        See how Apto organizes your data for action.
        • Apto CRM + Deals
          Support: < 48 hr response time
        • Onboarding and broker enablement services
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        Use additional tools to find and win more business in less time.
        • Apto CRM + Deals
        • Apto Broker Tools
        • - Apto Prospecting Console
        • - Apto Property Sites
        • - Mailchimp Integration
        • Support: < 24 hr response time
        • Data import*
        • Onboarding and enablement services / team-based training (if applicable)*
        • *See FAQ below

        NEW: APTO DATA


        More than 50 of the most commonly used property data points from national tax, deed, and mortgage data—built into your CRM.

        Talk to your sales rep to discuss pricing.


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        Frequently Asked Questions

        How do onboarding and enablement services work?

        Every customer receives basic setup of their account, including security and permission settings, license provisioning, and access to Apto customer support. Customers that purchase 3+ licenses of the Pro package receive additional team enablement training.

        How do data imports work in each package?

        For the Basic package, data import services are available for purchase. For the Pro package, one spreadsheet upload per organization is included. There may be additional charges for further data uploads. Click here or talk to your sales rep for more info.

        "I've used several CRM systems in the past and Apto is absolutely the best. The implementations process was better than anything I’ve ever experienced. They take the time to walk you through the system and empower you to be successful using it."
        Lee Wheeler
        President / Wheeler Commercial
        Since using Apto, I've become 60% more productive. From a numbers standpoint, I know how long it took me to make 100 calls before, and I know I can do it in less than half the time now. It’s also great having the context I need on hand to make a connection.
        Matt Lyman
        Principal Broker / Commercial Northwest
        Apto provides value immediately. Research for a cold call could take anywhere from three to five minutes if you do it the old way. If you make 10 calls, that’s almost an hour down the drain right there. With Apto, it takes 10 seconds to a minute to find all relevant information about a contact.
        Gabriel Manzanares
        Multifamily Specialist
        With Apto everything is tied together; an owner can be tied to multiple properties in various capacities. Business owners with multiple locations may own several properties but also lease several others. Apto allows me to organize and understand portfolios in a manner not available in the other CRMs we considered.
        Justin Tunnell
        Lee & Associates
        "I chose to make the switch to Apto because of how intuitive and user-friendly the UI is. With Apto, I can be more analytical and focus my time and efforts on what’s really going to generate business and help me build a pipeline." 
        Ed Mc Shan
        Broker | Skyline Realty
        "I know a lot of agents still using Excel only and I don’t believe they are performing to their fullest potential. Apto is clearly a very powerful tool and it allows you to do a lot of things that an Excel spreadsheet just couldn’t." 
        Juda Penini
        Commercial Debt & Equity Advisor
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